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About Us

We are two sea loving individuals whose eyes were opened more to the bad effects of plastics when we were introduced to the underwater world. Since then we have been rigorous in looking for alternatives in trying to save the environment in our own little way. In the later part of 2017 we decided to take it a step further and that's when Being Eco Ph was born.
We take pride in what we do and we spend time to make sure we do things right. We learn and innovate and improve ourselves every time. Passion is our driving force and we want make sure that everyone who purchase joins our community gets nothing but the best from our Company.
Our products are at par to the big brands out in the market quality wise but it is friendlier to mother earth. We make sure to offer quality products but never harming nature to do so. We want all walks of life to have access to this products and we sure that it is modestly priced for its quality. We also source out other products with local suppliers and by local suppliers we mean other small business or start ups such as ourselves that has the same passion as we do to make a change in the world and help out mother nature.